Airbrush Temporary Tattoos & Body Paint

Airbrush Temporary Tattoos are applied with an alcohol-based ink through stencils. New stencil designs that have come out in recent years allow for a tattoo sleeve that will quite effectively mimic a real tattoo sleeve.

Tattoos range from smaller to quite large and just about any theme is fair game. Tattoos last a couple of days to a week usually and when powdered with baby powder will add life to the tattoo design.

They are easily removed with rubbing alcohol and are water resistant and so are great for pool parties and other events with water.  Airbrush face and body painting are possibilities however in most cases they will take me longer and be more expensive than the face paint makeup alternative.

Airbrush body paint is also an option, although usually I prefer other methods, the inks used can help with situations where a water activated make up used for standard face or body art might not work such as around a pool.